“To provide a platform that enables the conceptualisation of practical solutions to larger issues and problems relating to the economy and economic problems of the community through a process of free and imaginative thinking, discussion and debate amongst individuals, associations, institutions and bodies that are concerned about such problems and issues faced by the group and are willing to participate in the efforts to find solutions to such problems through exchange of views, expressions, opinions that are in the public or research domain.”


  • To create leaders in Economics who lead the community in eradicating economic and financial illiteracy, a condition that deprives citizens of their dignity and independence and the right to stake a justified claim on the nation’s economic prosperity.
  • To highlight the relevance and importance of Economists in society and in the process of nation-building/ reconstruction
  • To create an active and vibrant think-tank composed of practising economists on issues of local, national and global importance
  • To inculcate a sense of pride amongst Economists and teachers, lecturers and practitioners of economics
  • To create better business and job opportunities for students and practitioners of economics
  • To create consulting opportunities for professional economists
  • To highlight the relevance of economic thought and training in business innovation
  • To highlight the relevance of economic thought and training in business excellence and corporate governance
  • To play an active role in creating/promoting/coaching and developing economic development organizations at all levels of the economy-village, block, town, district, state
  • To research, compile and highlight the rich history and legacy of economic thinking and practices prevailing in the Indian subcontinent and draw and highlight examples of how such thinking/philosophy/principles have relevance today(Sam Veda, Arthashastra, etc.)